“It's exactly what I wanted and expected. It validated our perceptions of service and cost in most areas, and raised some questions in terms of improving in others . . . It crisply zeros in on a couple of areas we want to look at more closely. I'm delighted with this report.”  

Baxter W. Graham, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Chubb & Son

"When we discussed benchmarking, I thought of you and the previous engagements (at another company).  We didn't have our data well-organized . . . you did that for us.   I think I was lucky to bump into you . . . You made me look good!"

Senior Facilities Manager, High-Tech Company

"When I brought (GA benchmarking) to real estate in 2004, we had just completed a corporate initiative in procurement to cut $25M from our budget.  So real estate thought they would be losing their jobs.  But the results turned out to be quite confirming.  Now they use the annual benchmarking report to identify areas they want to improve, and things they want to cut back.  We've set up our accounts in procurement to make the data gathering easy and automatic.  The value analysis is a good feature." 

VP, Purchasing, Contracting & Corporate Real Estate, Financial Services Firm

"Absolutely we use (the Project Report); it's a very useful tool.  We use it to hone in on where we can improve.  It's good for the staff." 

Facilities Corporate Contracting Manager, Financial Services Firm

"The Facility Cost and Energy Gap reports were well prepared, organized with due accuracy.  Thanks again for your hard work." 

Business Planning Manager, High-Tech Company

"There's some real good information here.  It's something we can sink our teeth into."

Director, Planning & Design, High-Tech Company

“This is very good work, and I really appreciate it.  It's very helpful, and we'll probably be using it not only to address our own group, but certainly with our CFO and the business units, to show the great work we're doing to try to control costs." 

VP, Real Estate & Facility Services, High-Tech Company

"Regardless of what the data shows, this is just a great report.  It's such clear information, simple and easy to read.  It's just great reading.  I'm really happy with the overall look and feel of the report.  I couldn't be happier with it."

Director, Global Real Estate Planning, High-Tech Company

"Thanks again for your hard and great work.  We really appreciate it."

Business Planning Manager, High-Tech Company

"There are too many benchmarks out there that are meaningless . . . . This (study) is going to be the cornerstone of the content for our offsite (budget review) meeting."

VP, Real Estate & Facility Services, High-Tech Company

" . . . You guys have really provided a great service to us.  You really have a clear understanding of the business beyond the numbers.  I look forward to working with you in the future." 

Director, Worldwide Planning & Design, High-Tech Company

"You're well known in (our company) world." 

Critical Systems Engineer, Pharmaceuticals Company

"I attended your (IFMA World Workplace 2007) seminar on Project Management.  It was one of the best of the show . . . We currently have 22 projects going, all over the world . . . I find that I am referring to your presentation repeatedly."

Facilities Manager, Internet Security Firm

"(GA's benchmarking) study was very instrumental in getting people in the business units to sign off on the dotted line and agree, 'Yes, we're going to move into this building'.  . . . It was ultimately a board decision."

Project Manager, Chemicals Company

"When I saw your (Project Management) presentation (at IFMA World Workplace 2007)
I got excited . . . I said, ‘This is great! This is what I need'."

Procurement Advisory Professional, High-Tech Company

"If you're trying to tell someone they need to change, you need more meat, it has to be more accurate . . . (like Guerin Associates’ studies).”

Manager of Bank Business Planning, Architectural Consulting Firm

“This  is a great start . . . A lot of really good work has gone into this . . . It's leagues ahead of anything anyone else has in the (client) organization.” 

VP, Real Estate & Facility Services, High-Tech Company

“Great stuff!  Excellent package.  This is going to be very useful and impressive . . . (It's) very exciting stuff.” 

Business Planning Manager, High-Tech Company

“The report . . . and its content exceeded our expectations.” 

Facility Manager, Biotech Company

“I . . . was impressed with the level of quality and rigor in the study.” 

Senior Construction Project Manager, Pharmaceuticals Firm

“We looked around at a lot of options, and kept coming back to you.  I'm convinced you're the right person to do this job.” 

Global Space Planning Manager, Networking Company

“You . . . have been a real pleasure to work with . . . very accessible and helpful, with good camaraderie.  (The project) gave us good direction on what we want to look at and change . . . We know a lot more about our operation now than we did before.” 

Director of Technology Services, Chemicals Company

“Overall, your detailed reports were quite good . . . Easy to understand . . . Your professionalism was excellent.” 

Facilities and Six Sigma manager, Chemicals Company

“Thank you for putting together the benchmark report with care.  It has been a pleasure to work with you . . . This report, being first of its kind, will certainly be invaluable in the near future . . .” 

Project and Six Sigma Manager, Chemicals Company

“You've done a great job for us.  The decision board complimented us on what we did, and you were part of that.” 

Project Manager, Chemicals Company

“My reason for asking for the meeting was simple: I've noted the level of respect they have for their Guerin Reports.  I aspire for us to have a similar level of respect and trust from our customers.” 

Director of New Business, Facilities Service Provider

“We owe you a big debt of thanks.  You've helped us understand what we do in a new way, and we'll be looking at things and measuring them that way in the future.” 

Manager Facilities Services, Consumer Products Company

“We've checked your references and received some wonderful comments on your professionalism, your knowledge and the quality of your work.  I don't think I've ever heard quite such glowing remarks.  You must be very easy to work with.” 

Purchasing Manager, Chemicals Company

“I ended up showing your benchmarking to 2 VPs after you left, and guess what I have as of July 1st?  Global Real Estate and Facilities!  They said ‘Here, we've got something else for you’.” 

Facilities Manager, Chemicals Company

“Your work in getting the (labor analysis) template out was used in the analysis for bringing people in-house.  The total savings was about two million dollars.  You did a lot of good work.” 

Facilities Manager, High-Tech Company

“Your report was very professional.  It contained ‘way more information than I expected.” 

Engineering Department Head, Research Laboratory

“Absolutely helpful.  My knee-jerk reaction is going to be to reach into my file for your card.  We wouldn’t be able to negotiate as confidently as we did without the information.  Two years later we're still getting ongoing value.  We’re happy with your work.” 

Facilities Manager, High-Tech Company

“Thanks much for your exceptional work . . . Obviously, we're very pleased with the work you did.” 

Director, Operations Analysis, Pharmaceuticals Company

“Yours is one of the few studies we've been able to apply.” 

VP, Real Estate & Facility Services, High-Tech CompanyFacilities Manager, High-Tech Company

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about your benchmarking report.” 

Facilities Manager, High-Tech Company

“I reference your report often. It's a great tool when I need reassurance, comparison, confirmation . . . thanks for all your hard work; it is paying off.” 

Facilities Contracts Manager, High-Tech Company

“We're very happy with all the work you've done with us.  I'm sure we'll be working together again in the future.” 

Site Director, Chemicals Company

“If we hadn’t done (benchmarking) before (utilities price increases), we’d be in much worse shape.” 

Facilities Manager, High-Tech Company

“Very relevant data . . . helpful information . . . You bring a unique understanding of our business, how we do things and what we do well.  It positions you well to help us.” 

Facilities Manager, High-Tech Company

“Working with you and your staff is always a pleasure!  I look forward to our continued association.” 

Facilities Manager, High-Tech Company

“Tremendous value for us . . . we're using (the information) frequently . . .  I would be happy to talk with people and let them know what a great service you provide.  I found the information and presentations extremely useful.” 

Vice President Real Estate, High-Tech Company

“I'm always very impressed with the quality of your work.” 

Benchmarking Manager, Defense Contractor

“What you brought to the table and what our new CFO brought . . . are very similar.” 

Facilities Manager, High-Tech Company

“I was very impressed with the quality of the work you do.  It was well organized and easy to understand . . . You put it together in a way that's very useful.” 

Vice President, Tenant Real Estate Consulting Firm

“Yours was the most accurate of any benchmarking study I've been involved with.” 

Facilities Manager, Life Sciences Firm

“I estimate over a twenty-to-one return on your fee.  Thanks for justifying my confidence in you.” 

Regional Site Services Director, High-Tech Company