Guerin Associates Services

Examples of Services

Benchmarking & Best Practices

GA compares similar firms and facilities, to identify gaps in costs and/or performance levels, acquire management practices from “best performers” and develop strategies to reduce costs and improve FM performance.

Space Usage & Optimization

GA's significant experience and comprehensive databases are used to assess workplace utilization and efficiency, identify flexibility and/or reconfiguration opportunities, and assess alternative occupancy methods such as flex space, telecommuting, hoteling, etc.

Architecture / Engineering Peer Review

Building changes are expensive late in design, during construction, or occupancy. As “owner advocates" we review designs of A&E firms, identifying any space utilization or potential operational problems early in design. We identify potential cost savings and efficiency improvements, putting clients firmly in control of the facility design and review process.

Building Commissioning

GA provides comprehensive commissioning plan development, to guide owners and developers in implementing a robust commissioning effort, from pre-design thru construction and post-occupancy. This ensures that the approach and the scope of commissioning align with the goals and objectives of the organization and that the roles and responsibilities of participants are clearly defined, in an integrated framework of design, construction & operational optimization.

Customer Alignment & Management

The key role of the FM organization is to provide optimized services supported by flexible, adaptable, responsive, and cost-effective facilities. GA works with clients to develop and implement appropriate processes and procedures to identify customer needs and expectations, create service level agreements and establish both the communications and KPIs necessary to insure that FM services are aligned with needs. The performance will be more effectively measured, and client / FM communication will forge a more successful ongoing partnership.

Outsourcing RFI / RFP Development

Most companies outsource part or all of their facilities management services. GA works with clients to manage the overall outsourcing initiative, including the development of RFI and RFP documents, analysis of vendor submittals and proposals, preparation of analysis reports, recommendations, supporting documentation, final vendor selection, transition period support, and periodic follow-up performance review. GA also helps successful outsourcing partnerships identify opportunities to enhance relationships, and drive continuous improvement.

Sustainable Design Peer Review

As Sustainability consultants, including LEED, Green Globes, and STARS, GA offers a holistic approach to design in both new and existing buildings. Combining space utilization and operations expertise with significant knowledge of energy and sustainability, we provide clients with a balanced, comprehensive perspective addressing the needs of all stakeholders.

Energy & Sustainability Programs

GA provides comprehensive services in supply and demand-side programs and performance, including energy and sustainability master plans, utility operations and FM process best practices, communications and awareness programs, renewable and incentives/credits initiatives, all within a framework of cost, performance, reliability, and sustainability optimization.

Facility Operations Analysis

Today’s business requires a customer-focused culture, enhancing employee productivity and innovation. GA helps clients optimize the delivery of value across the enterprise, and become key internal consultants, strategists, and leaders. This includes optimization of processes and resource allocation, expansion of FM influence in the firm, better partnering, teamwork, communication and cost control, boosting business sustainability.

RE/FM Organizational Analysis

Staffing is both a major cost and a major opportunity. A highly effective organization, delivering optimized FM services, makes a significant, tangible contribution to company success. GA guides the development of an effective FM organization, using analysis of current services and processes, identification of current and projected needs & expectations, and comparisons of FM operations with “best in class” processes and practices.

Optimal organizational constructs –with related operational improvement plans– include performance & organizational gap analysis, along with in-house vs. outsource evaluation.

Service Provider Optimization

Many vendor relationships, particularly those that provide services, function sub-optimally. GA works with clients and key service providers as a neutral third party, identifying issues, analyzing root causes and impacts, developing solutions, and guiding the implementation process. This includes protocols to address future issues that arise. The objective is an enhanced partnership within a “win-win” framework of mutual trust.

Facilities Forum® Best Practices Workshops

Compare overall RE/FM performance, analyze solutions, identify and learn practices from “best performers,” share ideas firsthand and network with other RE/FM professionals.


Selected Case Studies

Facility Design Analysis


Hewlett-Packard's Roseville, CA, site had a total campus size of approximately 850,000 SF, plus several additional buildings in planning. GA applied the “Guerin Prism” methodology to help HP improve its new building plan by nearly 10%. This deferred construction and increased utilization, valued by HP (based on internal rent) at $690,000 per year.

BASF Chemicals Company
Facility Design Analysis

BASF Chemicals Company

GA applied the "Guerin Prism" to design and occupancy strategies for the regional corporate headquarters. The results in most areas were better than average. One area, however, revealed an improvement opportunity of over 40%. Based on these findings, the client created a corporate-wide task force to re-evaluate and evaluate the redesign of its workplace. Client’s Corporate Treasury estimated a potential 12-year, after-tax cash flow at $106 million.

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Facility Design Analysis

Bristol-Myers Squibb

A major pharmaceuticals company needed to dramatically reduce operating expenses for its New Jersey headquarters and area facilities. Among its concerns were office spaces, the costs of satisfying user requirements, and capital investment in new facilities. Office demands were rising, and rental space was unavailable in sufficient quantities. The "Guerin Prism" method was applied to analyze the existing facilities. The client was able to defer over $50 million in new construction.

Intel Corporation
Facilities Benchmarking

Intel Corporation

GA applied detailed cost comparisons and key performance indicators to assess the relative value of performance versus costs. GA held workshops with staffing groups on internal and external cost differentials and reviewed best practices to improve performance. Benchmarking was repeated numerous times in many locations over several years, and findings were extrapolated to global facilities operations. Client estimated savings opportunity of twenty to thirty times GA fees.

Intel Corporation
Move Management Analysis

Intel Corporation

This site managed over 10,000 annual moves in its facilities. GA evaluated overall costs, processes, and effectiveness to support clients in major upcoming contract decisions. We compared detailed cost breakdowns, move cycle times, and service quality metrics with peer companies and facilities. We also reviewed the technology and assisted with RFP development. Estimated annual savings are $1.22 million.

Nabisco International
Global Manufacturing Analysis


GA compared manufacturing results for seven, then seventeen, and ultimately approx. 40 plants worldwide over three years. The company achieved over $5 million in waste reduction and improved productivity in the pilot program. We then initiated monthly & quarterly reporting, gap analysis, and progress tracking combined with planning and best practices workshops in New Jersey and Brazil. This analysis generated multi-year savings estimated at over $20 million.