Covid-19 / Corona Virus Plan


We are presenting tools to help you navigate the Covid-19 / Corona Virus crisis. In this initial blog post, we address the need for a comprehensive yet detailed master plan. Developing and communicating this plan is critical to success, and RE&FM is best prepared to take the lead.

Powerful Weapons

Covid-19 is a powerful enemy: complex, invisible and insidious. It makes many of our plans uncertain and some of them useless. But planning remains indispensable, and the Critical Path Method (CPM) (aka Gantt Charts) is your most effective weapon.

Your CPM Schedule is needed ASAP --before your firm's return to work-- to coordinate, schedule, assign, monitor, and document progress. CPM makes scheduling flexible and transparent, and basic versions are easy to build in Excel. Microsoft Project is one of many CPM programs available, offered in several versions and with numerous features.

Critical Path Method Scheduling

The Current Situation

We are now entering a methodical, three-phase plan to "reopen the country." Yet we see daily new developments on the pandemic, in testing, immunity, sanitizing, screening and PPE. Economics,  governmental roles and rules --and resistance to the restrictions-- are also in flux.

Many decisions are being made on an ad-hoc basis, with differing levels of knowledge, experience and authority. Some are based on incomplete information. Meanwhile, some very important questions remain unanswered.

  • Who decides which employees are essential, and needed at work?
  • Who decides that an employee returns, and when? Who has liability?
  • Who selects, and who provides PPE (personal protective equipment)?
  • What personal workplace protection is required, and what is possible?
    • Using alternate workstations, fewer seats at benches, etc.
    • Limiting conference room seating, meeting lengths, etc.
    • Sanitizing restrooms, lounges, shared seating, equipment
    • Organizing elevators, cafes, coffee/break rooms, fitness areas, etc.
  • Where do CDC, FDA, OSHA, FEMA, fed/state/local rules apply?
  • What benefits will be available through Workers Compensation?
  • Who is responsible for site vendor safety, health & wellness, etc.
  • Who documents the factors, decisions and reasons for actions?
  • Who's on the task force? Legal, HR, other key departments?


Our primary mission is to provide you with strategic information, and help you balance urgent action steps with a long-term perspective. It's impractical to list all of the resources available on COVID-19, but here are some that we find most helpful. Feel free to suggest your own.


The long-term effects of the current pandemic are difficult to predict, but some key factors are easy to understand.

  1. Information is unlimited. Time is not.
  2. Not all information is knowledge.
  3. The right knowledge is power.
  4. The right sources are indispensable.