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Facilities Forum

Facilities Forum® is a program supporting organizations that wish to participate in reliable, impartial benchmarking. Benchmarking is the first step to an organizational culture of sustainable, continuous improvement.

Since 1996 we’ve conducted benchmarking studies for decision-makers seeking unbiased, objective information based on professional insight. Our studies are sponsored by firms with specific areas of interest and/or the desire to influence the scope, schedule, and metrics of a study. Studies can range from a targeted focus to comprehensive and global in scope.

Non-client companies are invited to join studies based on client criteria, such as firm size, industry, competition, reputation, location, etc. All participants know which firms are in the study group, but each firm’s data is confidential from all other firms, including the clients. We achieve this critical data security through the use of confidential masking codes.

Alternative Sources of Benchmarking Data

  1. Some benchmarking data is available without cost from service providers. Vendors’ interests should be considered, however, because findings often recommend a change to their services.

  2. Accurate, objective information is available at a relatively low cost from trade associations. This information often lacks important detail and/or key influencing factors such as local climate, fuel, labor, and material costs.

  3. Real estate and facilities managers sometimes assign their internal staff to conduct benchmarking comparisons. Again, the interpretation of findings can be influenced by desired outcomes (favoring continuation of the current organization, for example).

As an independent third party, we do not accept financial or other support from service providers, designers, contractors, or others with potential interest in study findings. This is one of the reasons for our numerous repeat clients, some for up to thirteen years at present.

We will update this information regularly. Feel free to contact us for more information, or to express your potential interest in future studies.

Thank you for your interest in our program.

Mike Guerin

Participants in Facilities Forum® Studies

In 2007, Juniper Networks began sponsoring an annual benchmarking effort conducted by Guerin Associates, Inc. and involving dozens of tech firms. Known as the “Juniper Networks Total Facilities Costs Study,” many of Silicon Valley’s leading companies have participated, some in numerous years.

Listed below are the companies which have participated. They have all provided substantial operating and capital cost data in a confidential format. Compilation, validation, comparison, charting, and gap analysis have yielded in-depth reports with valuable management insights for these participants.

Additional Participants in Facilities Forum® Studies 1
Additional Participants in Facilities Forum® Studies 2
Additional Participants in Facilities Forum® Studies 3