• Evaluation requires a clear, coherent point of view. But where you stand affects what you see. Your perspective is limited by your "viewing point."
  • Investors need to know about financial incentives related to recommendations they receive. We should view real estate and facilities data with similar care.
  • Organizations seek to present and emphasize positive results. And while a positive outlook can be helpful, it can also cloud data and color important facts.
  • Guerin Associates provides impartial analysis, key insights and clear recommendations. We draw on broad experience in architecture & engineering, real estate & facilities management, project management, energy costs and sustainable design.
  • GA has no arrangements with any manufacturers, vendors or service providers. We never recommend actions based on our financial return. If the facts ever change, we will disclose them to you, prior to making any related recommendations.
  • You are entitled to clear, reliable information. That's our view. And that's our point.


Guerin Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in Real Estate and Facilities Management. 

GA provides thoughtful, independent business intelligence to leading national and global organizations. We offer a range of services, including benchmarking comparisons, operations analysis and organizational assessments.

Our clients are decision-makers seeking clear, impartial analysis, and actionable insights based on experience.

Our services help them improve --and prove-- the value they bring to their businesses.



GA helps clients assess and improve their portfolios and operations through:

Benchmarking - Objective evaluations ranging from specific facility services to global portfolios. We consider effects of geography, space type, operating constraints and organizational culture on results. 

Best Practices - Operations analysis of costs, service and quality levels, vendors and processes.

Business Improvement - Organizational transformation to a dynamic performance culture.



Guerin Associates provides highly professional, individualized service. Our reports make findings crystal clear, employing dynamic visual management methods, such as the Guerin Prism and Guerin Cube.

Most important are GA's core values: Innovation, Insight and Integrity. These values have produced positive outcomes for our clients since 1996. They can help you achieve your own business and professional goals.



Our vision is to help organizations attain world class performance by adopting best practices.


Thank you for your interest in Guerin Associates.

Michael F. Guerin AIA, PE, CEM, CFM, LEED-GA, President